Sub Marine Dreams

by Seas Of Mirth

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young age ability maximum fertility undying monogamy let us start a waltzing a melody somehow now a felony need to make a name so let's start a family to stick my own ten penneth in just fill my pouch and let it bloom now song and dance is banned my law is love let's go i need to have your babies i need to see them all coming shooting right out of me to save the hippokampus an underwater kingdom in disarray i need to have your babies to make a plan for all of the children named after me and if the king denies us i vow to see an end to his torrid reign behavioural changes indicate birth is imminent his respiration increases a colour change and frenzied discontent witnessed by his peers before one thousand eight hundred specimens discharged into the wild here's to the future generations death to the agenda music shall be rescued once more
inkomprehensible inklement and plentiful inkognito disappear in a splurge of flailing tentacles ink it's sure to cook up a stink don't even try to hoodwink this old anthropomorphic contortionist cause there's no place quite as lowly as the ocean floor inkapacitatory inkredible density think the consumation leaves you questioning identity ink celestial cephalopod sink the sins upon my god drink holy ink from the sucker of the mollusc mother
Polytheme 04:34
follow me circle indistinctly through a bioluminescent swarm of incandescent mortals spot me floating 'cross the obscure glowing like a solar flare leaving the illusion of intrusion catch me a lantern in the ether bottle me up and throw me to the crowds in distant places far gone tell me a cause for explanation a cherished aspiration or a marvellous misconception well you would know
see the sea alive with vibrancy the luminosity is like a burning city full of tiny tiny tiny beacons lit up bright today the surface is so far away the only plan of action is swim merrily merrily merrily makes you understand the situation i for one don't think so lack of oxygen there is no logical logical logical explanation just go with the flow of the migration til the purpose of existence comes to slap you in the face search for the prize make the most of your eyes slick as you like for the rest of your life two at a time here we ride you do or die o my sight can turn eternally my mind is here for all to see my thoughts are represented by the colour of my brain it's gold today king for a day the past is oh so far away the only ways to generate kinetic kinetic kinetical energy come move with me the pressure's mounting terribly you see expanding particles are bubbling bubbling bubbling you're a creature i'm a creature let's caress amongst the sulphur don't wait for the consequence to bite you in the face [no need for animosity there's a place we all can be our thirst has hit atrocity searching through the lost city]
staggering into the scene like a bare headed hammerhead excuse my somnambulistic state gentleman of bombast look past the gravitas gyrating in flagrante don't take your spouse for granted two hours and a half at the bar to get served i guess it's worth it after all the stories that you've heard run the lime around my rim run the lime around my rim until now shit was looking grim let's sing a local hymn happy hour el squid diablo are we gonna go to the bar oh yes we are you put your money on it drinks are free just say you know pablo drink until we can't find the car pick pick pick up a pina colada where the rocks are sharp and the spice gets hotter we'll have no trouble make mine a double you know that calamari rings are not a thing here dear senor por favor let's go with the swordfish darts and the gambled body parts atmosphere ascends in the corner concerning the rigged quiz the monkfish mafia own these quarters haven't you been told this table's got a fable poseidon the unstable no need to sound profound let's sink another round oh what a maniacal menagerie don't tell me what we see is all but imaginary don't pick an anemone for an enemy suck out the poison for a midnight remedy lace your drink with drops of tobasco four til nine a sub aqua fiasco chaotic like a turkish bazaar [time's up sip my offering please forgive my groveling too bad swig my excrement this is far from excellent]
destiny volcanicity salvation or impending doom beating like a pendulum this deep deep heat beneath the sea rumbles through our weary feet but you my friend will live again metaphorically victory bubbling in mystery some of these myths are rarely true an untold liberty a hubbub of a company of urgent men waiting to resurge again an arsenal of submerged women certain to emerge ascend april shower sank the mayflower nobody cared ancient power rose the mary rose many lives spared patient moon over a material sea a very far cry from make believe splash into reality somebody fill these boots of whom will rise up through the sea head straight forth to the green lagoon and breathe eventually
return to the castle with an antelope across my shoulders shot by an arrow upon a hill between two boulders i wanna be another masculine impersonator hunter gatherer extraordinaire magnifique operator i wanna breed inside your head awaken in my pavlopetrian cell a manta ray between my ankles please remove this shackle from my neck and take me by the old love handles i wanna be another martyr of the highest order cleanse my spirit dip me in a different kind of holy water
Klank Klank 04:28
an aquatic descent from a gruesome event twas manic and disastrous and an almighty thud to the land of the mud titanic amongst the blackness old neptune attached the misfortune to the tune of the funeral fanfare and you cannot rise only climatise and our souls exist in the lonely abyss to the stem stern aft and fore we gotta work this goddamn boat some more we gone and sunk to the bottom of the drink and thus she be a wreck but an honourable wreck with the arms fins gills and pores we gotta get a dirty boogie down beneath the shore we gone and sunk to the bottom of the drink and thus she be a wreck but an honourable wreck with severed limbs hanging down from the deck well maybe it's written in the cards as ridiculed and preposterous that we're destined to dwell underneath the swell where it's cold as hell well there still be a duty aboard that's right those barnacles gotta be scraped gotta be shipshape gotta get it all together again faced with a life on the waves spells an early grave facing gargantuan waves spells a watery grave
i'm the ghost in your sleep guiding you away from me don't come near for holy fear you're posessed booglarized parasitic lullabies seeping through as you please but i hold the riches in a wreck of your dreams you'll do well to work around the way it beams agleam i scream dare you enter blindly dancing in the deep end to take this pearl if you can't hold it down your attraction to the bounty peril unfurls well i been here long before seen a dozen hampered crew lesson learned sacred fruit met my maker bringing home this jewel of glory now i'm bound with it forever more so please suppress the senses urging you to acquire it wreaks the tears of joy but the smell of viking funeral fire
i'm level headed don't abuse my post you must be mental son you're yellow bellied you wanna appease your ghost oh yeah like a dream so sub marine you'll get over it anytime it seems will terra firma quell your deepest woes live on tumultuously you're prone to fantasise the most alright oh sub marine dreams i've seen


:: FIFTEEN PER CENT PROFITS GO TO SEA BASED CHARITIES :: [not currently in place due to our covid-based financial losses]
- 5 Gyres [big ocean pollution prevention scheme]

Sub Marine Dreams is a deep sea adventure record... a change of sound and imagery was needed for the third album. We have been wanting to do this for many years now, we are very happy with the outcome, we hope you love it too!

Al Judders - vocals, guitar, vocoder, percussion
Cannonball Paul - guitar, vocals
Glen Fingle - mandolin, vocals, theremin, percussion
Zorba - bouzouki, fx, vocals
Sally Squidbusiness - keys, xylophone, clarinet, percussion
Read Admiral Arse Beard - accordion, BVs
The Barrel - bass, BVs
Ro'Skimbo - drums
Smitty Clamhands - percussion

Grace Capper - vox on track 9
Lawrence Brown - cello on tracks 3 and 9
Ben McElroy - violin on tracks 1, 3, 8 and 9
Mogs Morgan - baritone sax on track 2


released December 20, 2019

All music and lyrics written and performed by Seas of Mirth
© and ℗ Seas of Mirth 2019. All rights reserved
Recorded, produced and mixed by Kristian Craig Robinson at Total Refreshment Centre, London
Additional engineering by Jordan Parry and Chris Smith
Mastered by Pete Fletcher at Black Bay Studio, Scotland
Photography by Stephen Lynch, design by Toddjerm
Released on Eelshock Records Ltd


all rights reserved



Seas Of Mirth Nottingham, UK

An aquatically enthused outfit based in the East Midlands of the UK. Third album 'Sub Marine Dreams is inspired by the deep ocean and marks a bold turn in direction.

"A multi-tentacled beautiful beast of an album" - Spiral Earth Magazine
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